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Environmental & Sustainability

Effective as of January 01, 2022

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Here at Oniro Hotels Group., we believe protecting the environment is fundamental to the thriving society and sound economy upon which our business depends. Managing our own environmental efficiency is key to our efforts to make Oniro Hotels Group a more sustainable and green advisory company.

We always try to demonstrate leadership in the energy and environmental performance, through energy-intelligent practices, solutions, and services (both internally and to our customers). We also focus on reducing the carbon footprint of our own activities. We try to use less electricity, less paper waste (as everything is on the cloud), less travelling (domestic and international) and the green philosophy is deeply rooted in our culture everyday work life

Oniro Hotels Group recognizes the need for continuous improvement in environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and compliance with laws and international standards, aiming at a balanced economic development in harmony with nature. By following a path of sustainable development, the Company is committed to operate in a manner that ensures environmental protection and health and safety of workers, local community and the public. The Company's environmental policy statement is our commitment to the principles of sustainable working environment.

Oniro Hotels Group consolidates the concept of ecological awareness and environmental vision throughout the hierarchy of staff in the Company.