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Athens is one of the most famous cities in the world, an exciting metropolis with a huge mythical and cultural heritage. Among its greatness to modern civilisation, lies the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora, some of the most world-renowned buildings which have shaped philosophy, history and the arts. The city’s rich history starts from ancient times, all the way through the Byzantine era, which has left its mark through Byzantine churches are tucked among the tightly knit apartments, with Parthenon casting its grandiose into view around nearly every corner of the city. Athens’ unrivalled history and landmarks of global value are just some of the excitements the city has to offer. The difficult years inflicted by the financial crisis have deepened he city’s artistic soul. There is an irrepressible energy that has propelled Athens through a decade of austerity to become southern Europe’s most happening cultural capital. Food is at the centre of all activities in Greece, and the Mediterranean culinary traditions are one of the city’s most valuable assets. The Greek cuisine, honest at heart like its people, is fresh, filling and absolutely gorgeous. Athenian night life is as popular as its cultural landmarks. A custom to extend a night out way beyond the first morning lights, Athens represents life, energy and authenticity. The living and breathing image of the Greek joyful spirit, one can choose from an array of options to enjoy and be entertained such as alternative bars, fancy clubs, pubs and traditional ouzeri. Athens is a shopper’s paradise: think international brands, luxury products, designer shops, small and original boutiques - all showcased beautifully throughout the city’s pleasant streets and neighborhoods. The city is a creature of its time; urban development has not happened without its toll but a re-invigoration of the city center has helped minimize the effects of urbanisation. Abandoned graffiti covered buildings have been converted into beautiful galleries, enterprising new coming are enlivening the food scene. Discover Athens’ most popular neighborhoods; all within walking distance from one another.


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Welcome to Oniro City. A new luxury destination in the heart of Athens. We are savvy to the culture and latest happenings in Europe’s most exciting capital city and will point you in all the right directions. We know you will appreciate this. Why? Because we know that you know – experience matters.

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